2023 Ford Expedition Redesign?

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2023 ford expedition redesign or does it not have to be changed anymore?

2023 Ford Expedition – Ford already has a name in the world market, especially in the US, with a very impressive ford re-arranging its car label with the Ford Expedition, as the name implies, if you have plans to go on an expedition then it is very suitable to use this one ford, with an elegant, luxurious appearance, big and beautiful.

The nature of this SUV is also very striking in today’s world market, since a few decades ago until now in 2021 the Ford Expedition has undergone many changes, but earlier this year will there be a release for the 2023 Ford Expedition? what fans have been waiting for?

maybe there will be additions at every level of the new Ford Expedition, as in the past this ford already offers security, comfort, strength, and a very luxurious new SUV model using a 3.5-liter capacity twin-turbo engine so that it produces 400 hp power and already uses ten-speed automatic transmission system.

This SUV is available 4WD and 2WD, competition is inevitable as similar SUVs such as the Chevrolet Tahoe and Toyota Sequoia are very similar to the ford expedition. in terms of very many advantages, including the very spacious interior using a turbocharged V6 engine that has more power, very efficient fuel consumption, entertainment features that are also luxurious, and no less a security system made with recommended standards.

Exterior 2023 ford expedition

2023 Ford Expedition
2023 ford expedition platinum

This SUV has an exterior design that is most favored among SUV enthusiasts and also has a fairly large grille, LED headlights, standard fenders, and also has taillights that display the typical ford expedition car figure.

This car has a side plate with a line extending from front to back together with the lights. The Expedition gets the sides of the front in an elegant and impressive blend. Several features are arranged in each Expedition model that has been designed such as lamp placement, different wheel sizes.

the standard trim gets halogen headlights up front, while the king ranch and platinum trim get full LED headlights on the face of the car. The available wheel sizes also have several sizes ranging from 18.0 inches to 22.0 inches, including large. moonroof lights can be customized on the XLT model, while the king ranch trim and platinum trim are standard.

2023 ford expedition timberline
2023 ford expedition timberline

very impressive in terms of the size of this expedition car, it is quite large compared to similar SUV segments, with a length reaching 211 inches, wheel distance 123.5 inches, car height 77 inches, Maximum Width 80 inches, Front Width 68 inches, Rear Width 67.3 inches, and its weight ranges from 5,369 lbs to 5,624 lbs.

Colors available are quite a variety of colors available from Quick Glossy Clear Coat, Glossy Burgundy Velvet Tinted Clearcoat, Star White glossy Tri-Coat, Glossy Black Agate, Glossy Blue Antimatter, Shiny Silver Icon, Kodiak Brown glossy, Magnetic glossy, Oxford glossy White, and the Red Shiny Race. choice of many colors and luxury.

Performance 2023 ford expedition

2023 Ford Expedition eksterior
2023 ford expedition hybrid

Changes in each level of the new Ford Expedition will certainly occur although not much will be changed. however, as in the past, this ford already offers security, comfort, strength, and a very luxurious new SUV model using a 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine that produces 400 hp/480 lb-ft of power and is already using a ten-speed automatic transmission system.

Meanwhile, ford concludes that the Expedition has a driving figure of 9,300 lb in rear-wheel drive, for a 4WD system already included with Separate cab Towing has the traction of 9,200 lb. while the standard towing Expedition ranges from 6,511 lbs and 6,611 lbs.

According to EPA research, the rear-drive speed figures are claimed to have a mileage of 17/24/19 mpg city/highway/combined. while the front-wheel-drive and the rear wheels work at the same time to meet the mileage at 17/24/19 mpg. The Expedition has a mileage full tank of 25 gallons of fuel, traveling 475 miles.

2023 ford expedition Interior

2023 ford expedition interior
2023 ford expedition interior

The exterior is immaculate, how about the interior of the new 2023 ford expedition SUV?. the interior is equipped with standard features where if you look closely you will feel a different sensation from most SUVs. how not, a large room is ready in front of your eyes with standard materials too.

One of the features that stands out is the entertainment feature section which is designed very neatly and luxuriously. only basic type cars like XL, STX already have an 8-inch touch screen with components such as a modem port, wireless charger, and the 360 ​​co-pilot system.

2023 ford expedition colors
2023 ford expedition colors

The size and capacity of the passenger load are also adjusted to the standard of an SUV with a load of 5 adults who do not overlap each other. while the front legroom measures 44 inches, the front headroom is 43 inches, the rear legroom is 42 inches, and the rear headroom is 41 inches.

The material used for the entry-level XL STX trim is colored leather, but there is a choice of colors to choose from between colored leather and medium stone, but you have to increase the cost for the color selection package by $5,895 even on the ford XLT car model. above the available color options.

2023 ford expedition release date
2023 ford expedition release date

2023 ford expedition price, how much?

XL models with the latest model specifications are sold at a price that includes shipping, filing, tax, and handling fees of $52,290. the XLT model retails for $55,105. the limited model gets a hefty special price of $63,870. headed to the king’s ranch model for $75,030. the platinum model is slightly higher priced at $76,070. while for custom system upgrades to 4WD, you have to add a fee of $3,050.

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