2023 Ford Fusion Review And Active Redesign?

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2023 Ford Fusion to be released or stop production?

2023 Ford Fusion – In addition to the super-duty ford, ford raptor, and ford ranger release date that are still waiting, the next-generation Ford Fusion will also experience changes that are quite impressive in terms of the appearance that are designed to satisfy enthusiasts. since 2013 fusion has indeed shown its ferocious fangs by bringing a sedan model.

Acceptance of change will also occur in the coming year with the acceptance of models that are worth waiting for for the luxury car market in the US, with cars like the Accord, Camry, and Mazda 6 becoming rivals for the US market.

However, the fangs of the ford fusion can not be doubted by compiling a sedan at the level of the Honda Accord but more modern and more luxurious in its class with extraordinary agile handling and smooth driving on the highway by getting attention in the spacious cabin which is quite spacious in its class.

Ford Fusion 2023 eksterior
Ford Fusion 2023 eksterior

Meanwhile, the SUV and ford crossover models are getting more attention, therefore the attention to sedans in the future is still uncertain, especially in terms of global marketing and the US market.

For sure changes are made in the V6 sports section with the model in the highest line, using a 1.5-liter engine, halogen headlights, added seats, enriched color variants with additional three colors.

Exterior 2023 ford fusion

Ford Fusion 2023 black
Ford Fusion 2023 black

Ford Fusion gets a stature that is indeed from year to year maintained its design with a neat and elegant shape, but in the base model, it is a bit bland with the S model using LED tail lights, beam headlights, 16-inch alloy wheels with silver steel material.

As for the trim or fusion model that goes up slightly, using 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in aluminum, up a bit more for the 18-inch wheels, and 19 inches for the tallest model. Don’t forget the LED lights that use an anti-fog system and shine brightly.

The length of the verified car in the previous generation measures 191.8 inches, Wheelbase 112.3 inches, Height 58.2 inches, Maximum Width fusion 75.3 inches, Front Width 62.8 inches, Rear Width 62.3 inches, and the average car weight is 3,411.0 lbs.

Color options for fusion are also varied with color choices such as Clear Coat in Glossy Red, Clear Coat in Alto Glossy Blue, Tri-Coat Platinum, Glossy White, Velocity Glossy Blue, Magnetic Metal, Shiny Silver Icon, Agate, Glossy Black, and Oxford White. . You can choose your favorite color.

Performance 2023 ford fusion

2023 Ford Fusion
2023 Ford Fusion

Fusion has a performance that is indeed every model has a different engine and power with each capacity, you have to settle for the horsepower of 175 for the S model which is claimed to be a bit less impressive, with a 2.5-liter engine with 4-pot and only wheel drive. upfront, and there’s also a 1.5-liter Ecoboost turbocharged engine producing 181 hp and a 2.0-liter with 245 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque.

Unfortunately, the S model cannot enjoy this engine because it is only available in the SE model, in the 1.5-liter engine the drive system uses only the front wheels, while the 2.0-liter engine is paired with an all-wheel-drive system, namely front and rear. The titanium model is only content with the 2.0-liter engine with 4WD wheel drive. in the mileage function, it moves 0-60 mph with a time of 8.9 seconds.

Interior 2023 ford fusion

2023 Ford Fusion interior
2023 Ford Fusion interior

In a Ford fusion car, it is a place that is quite spacious and comfort is maintained, with a spacious room and fits all passengers with a more logical seat layout and embedded controls, with the basic gearbox model getting a swivel design that makes people have to get used to it, material and design Attractive entertainment features make this car feel luxurious and of high quality with that fusion can get a position in its class.

The seating capacity for the new Fusion car is not much different from the previous 2020 ford Fusion with several five spacious and comfortable seats, and the front and rear leg sizes are 44.4 inches and 38.4 inches, respectively. 39.3 inches Front Headroom and 37.9 inches Rear Headroom. make the passengers comfortable and calm.

Ford Fusion 2023
Ford Fusion 2023

From the basic model of upholstery that is paired to the fusion interior, namely Light Stone, while for the middle model and beyond, the seats are increasingly Ebony, which can also be said to be a combination with vinyl and perforated leather in Ebony or Russet used by the top model ford fusion 2023.

Fusion also gets standard features such as air conditioning, 4.2-inch LCD, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, two USB ports, Bluetooth, SiriusXM radio, and Sony 12-speaker with HD radio.

Price and Release Date 2023 ford fusion

There is no information regarding the release of the new ford fusion yet, but there was an obstacle that occurred in the announcement of the release of the last fusion that the ford fusion would stop production last year, but we hope that the news is not true concerning the increase for the car is getting faster.

provisional estimates for the selling price of 2023 ford fusion are not much different from the 2020 Ford Fusion where the price of the S model is sold to the market at around $23,171 and the FWD system is sold for $24,501. Those that get the 2-liter turbo SE model are priced at $27,091, the SEL model with FWD combination is priced at $28,691, the titanium is priced at $34,451 and the 4WD system package is priced at $36,451. the price mentioned does not include handling fees and taxes and shipping costs in addition to $996

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