2023 Toyota CHR Redesign, Review And Release Date

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2023 Toyota CHR Is There Still a Chat in The US Car Market

2023 Toyota CHR – To enliven the automotive world in the American market, Toyota comes with the CHR brand which seems to be shaking up the market, the 2023 Toyota CHR has a unique style with a combination of hatchback, crossover, and coupe styles that are integrated into the Toyota CHR, in terms of appearance it is most likely a sedan. This combination looks very luxurious and energetic, especially when the TOYOTA logo is very attractive.

However, it is unfortunate that the 2023 Toyota CHR, which has a horsepower of 144, is considered to be lacking in combining the crossover style with problems such as annoying noises, the cargo space that feels cramped. in this case, when compared to its competitors such as the Honda HRV and Kia Soul feels very lacking.

2023 Toyota CHR may experience changes that may be the same as in 2021, a very significant change made by the Toyota manufacturer is in the addition of a new variant model for the CHR with a car model called the Nightshade Edition. A sporty car model using black wheels with 18-inch alloy wheels, black dashboard spoiler, black oversized markings, and black specifics in general.

new 2023 Toyota CHR
new 2023 Toyota CHR

The 2023 Toyota CHR also received new color details in different places, new colors like Oxide Bronze have a black rooftop, the next generation 2023 Toyota CHR will most likely have a safety-first feature which is called Toyota Safety Sense 2.5. and even than including weather control systems and pedestrian sensor systems.

The advantages of the 2023 Toyota CHR as in previous generations are mentioned in a funky metal rock style, an agile sensor system has standard safety features to make the driver comfortable, the Toyota logo / oversized sign shows a real blend and is efficient in terms of fuel.

2023 Toyota CHR Exterior 

Toyota CHR 2023
Toyota CHR 2023

Toyota CHR looks to young people for this new design with the enthusiasm of young people becoming consumers who are ready to invade the new model 2023 Toyota CHR. because CHR itself does look youthful, attractive, and sporty in every curve of his body. By opening the door that has changed slightly with a slightly upward design, the door glass which is designed to be tilted, the round bumper gives more value to the CHR car.

The CHR itself has an initial variant using 17-inch alloy wheels using steel, but other variant models use 18-inch alloy wheels with a bit of interest. The CHR uses multi-reflective LED headlamps with the standard CHR car models, while the more expensive models use bright LED-reflecting headlamps.

2023 Toyota CHR has a smaller body but, not smaller than the Mazda CX 3, with a small body that can be expected for arousing the passion of young people to own this car, with an average length of 172.6 inches, the distance of the wheels from one point to another with a distance of 103 .9 inches, CHR 61.6 inches high, 70.7 inches maximum width, front and rear width equal to 61.0 inches, and has an overall weight of 3,300.0 lbs.

There are several choices for colors that young people can choose from for the CHR car which is very elegant and seduces the eyes of young people with shiny gray, snow pearl, metal gray, black sand, shiny blue, super red, and super rap. with a blacktop.

Performance 2023 Toyota CHR

new 2023 Toyota CHR velg
new 2023 Toyota CHR velg

Performance does not help much because the engine used is far from its competitors with the engine owned by 2023 Toyota CHR, using a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter 4-cylinder with a power output of 144 horsepower and 139 lb-ft of torque and also has a CVT system.

CHR can go from 0 to 60 mph in 11 seconds, far from its competitors, but the CHR excels in its smooth and luxurious exterior design, we think it is designed for a leisure car.

In terms of mileage tested by the EPA CHR issued an average value of 27/31/29 mpg city/highway/combination, for a full gas tank filling at 13.2 gallons, with a distance of approximately up to 383 miles on smooth roads.

Interiors 2023 Toyota CHR

2023 Toyota CHR interior
2023 Toyota CHR interior

2023 Toyota CHR, in addition to its exterior that appeals to young people, the interior is also designed to match the personality of young people who like luxury and elegance. on the sides many attractive curves with chairs that are neatly arranged stylishly.

All CHR models have keyless remote keys, automatic climate control in dual zones, Toyota 2.5 safety features using pre-collision sensor technology, and an 8-inch touchscreen LCD.

The capacity of the CHR contains 5 adults with 5 seats in the car room, Front legroom and rear legroom measure 43.5 inches and 31.7 inches, respectively, and front headroom and rear headroom measure 38.1 inches and 38.3 inches.

2023 Toyota CHR Price and Release Date

2023 Toyota CHR eksterior
2023 Toyota CHR eksterior

In the US market, the 2023 Toyota CHR has an estimated selling price of $21,445 for the base LE variant model, for models that are further above the base model are priced at an estimated $23,480 for the XLE variant model and a price of $24,245 aimed at the Nightshade Edition variant model.

The CHR limited edition model was thrown into the US market at a fairly high price compared to its siblings for $26,500. The price does not include tax and handling fees from Toyota with an additional charge of $1,175.

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