2023 Toyota sequoia redesign, preview and price

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2023 Toyota sequoia is there a new design?

2023 Toyota sequoia – From every 2023 Toyota sequoia design based on or more similar to a family SUV truck that is designed in addition to handling rough roads, he can also make a family for tourism. due to its fitting shape and spacious cabin with 3 rows of seats in the 2023 Toyota sequoia.

Making it very practical and comfortable to drive with the family. a car that is also similar to the Land Cruiser is indeed an efficient and attractive car for families as well as for offroad. the engine used for the Toyota Sequoia is a V8 engine with a capacity of 5.7 liters with an automatic transmission of 6 digits.

2023 Toyota sequoia price
2023 Toyota sequoia price

Toyota sequoia puts itself very well by making changes to its aging bones to make it look attractive and luxurious, with the addition of its new TDR pro, the 2023 Toyota Sequoia gets the most out of rough road/offroad friction and the addition of brand new wheels BBS with a size of 18 inches. the Toyota Sequoia is certainly ready to start the speed on the road that is not smooth/offroad.

Toyota sequoia presents its advantages for users/lovers of this family car, with its advantages, among others, large size for the trunk and astonishing cargo space, smooth running on rough roads / quite good at offroad fields, seats that can be changed and installed periodically, has a seat in the third row, and has features for safety in driving.

Exterior 2023 Toyota sequoia

2023 Toyota sequoia
2023 Toyota sequoia

From year to year, the Toyota Sequoia car does not have significant changes in each new generation, until now. but whether in the next generation of 2023 Toyota sequoia there will be very significant changes, of course, there will be some corners to ensure the existence of 2023 Toyota sequoia.

At the front, there are changes in the headlights which now use LED lights for visibility when there is fog, rearview mirrors with a vapor barrier, 18-inch wheels, have panels on the roof of the car that can be opened for extra ventilation. For the size of the 20-inch wheels installed in various cars with trim models 2023 Toyota Sequoia Sport, Toyota sequoia Limited, and Toyota sequoia Platinum.

In terms of size, this semi-truck SUV is indeed very varied with a total length of 205.1 inches, distance from one wheel to another 122.0 inches, an average height of 77.0 inches, a maximum width of 79.9 inches, front width and the width of the rear has a size of 67.9 inches and 69.1 inches, respectively. larger than the front width because the rear bumper is wider.

Several colors are presented by the Toyota manufacturer for its sequoia, including supernova white, beach blue, snow white, glossy night, glossy gray, shiny silver, and slightly faded maroon.

Sequoia Performance and Engine

All trim variants in the 2023 Toyota sequoia are paired with the same engine as the V8 engine with a capacity of 5.7 liters, with power generated by its 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque with a six-figure transmission. 4WD. the distance traveled is fairly fast and capable with its V8 engine producing a speed of 13/17/15 mpg city/highway/combined, and even then without using a 4WD system.

for the results achieved when using 4WD is estimated at 13/17/14 mpg which is estimated by the EPA. From the test drive, the Toyota Sequoia is certainly on the same level as its competitor, the Nissan Armada. Toyota sequoia also uses a fuel tank that is considered sufficient with a capacity of 26.4 gallons with travel power for that capacity 396 miles away.

Interior 2023 Toyota sequoia

2023 Toyota sequoia interior
2023 Toyota sequoia interior

2023 Toyota sequoia not much changes in the interior of the car it still looks the same with its simple style and hard plastic wrapping in all rooms makes the car outdated, but many people still appreciate and use such an interior because it is durable and cheaper compared to others. and also there are entertainment features that are worthy of consideration such as the newly designed 7-inch screen, climate control buttons, and many other features.

For seats upholstered in semi-leather fabric with a capacity of eight adults, it is very spacious and comfortable to travel with the family. The front legroom and rear legroom, measure 42.5 inches and 40.9 inches, respectively, with the front and rear headroom measuring 34.8 inches and 34.9 inches, respectively. thus.

Toyota sequoia price 2023

There are several prices offered by the Toyota manufacturer for the 2023 Toyota sequoia with a choice of basic trims to special trims, for the basic trim thrown to the US market for $ 49,980 not including the addition of a 4WD system, if there are additional, an additional fee of $ 3,225, for trim Sport is marketed for $ 52,695.

The Toyota Sequoia Limited trim retails at $58,990, and the special Toyota Sequoia Platinum and TRD Pro trim, priced at $66,020 and $64,105, respectively, including the installation of a 4WD system. the stated fee does not yet exist for the shipping and handling fee to be paid of $1,325.

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