New 2024 Honda Prologue, Redesign And Preview

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2024 honda prologue, rumors circulating

2024 honda prologue – Several rumors are circulating among the Honda manufacturer, that the Honda brand has proposed a new car prototype with a luxurious design called the 2024 Honda Prologue, with the size and engine, used similar to the Honda Fit car. the concept is the same as the default Honda Fit itself which uses an electric motor voltage engine, with a slight change in a more sporty appearance with the Honda Sports concept.

2024 Honda Prologue prototipe
2024 Honda Prologue prototipe

Exterior of 2024 honda prologue

2024 honda prologue, most likely has the size and engine used similar to the honda fit car. but there are some slight changes in a more sporty look with the Honda Sports concept. It’s possible that Honda designed 15-inch steel alloy wheels with a sports model and with 16-inch rear wheels for color choices, there are no leaks, but black does not rule out the possibility to use it.

The 2024 Honda Prologue also offers a cabin space that is quite spacious and although not as wide as the Honda Fit, considering the concept of the 2024 Honda Prologue was designed with a sports car. Car size 2024 honda prologue with a length similar to fit measuring 155.4 inches, wheelbase of one wheel to another 96.6 inches, car height 54.0 inches, maximum width 66.0 inches, front width, and rear width respectively measures 57.3 inches, and 57.0 inches, and the car weighs 2,5000.0 lbs.

2024 Honda Prologue new
2024 Honda Prologue new

Most likely again the 2024 Honda Prologue will have several different colors with subtle colors but still luxurious and sporty, such as glossy faded silver, black sand pearl, fiery red, navy blue, and also glossy white. With this, it is very possible that the 2024 Honda Prologue will be able to compete with its rivals.

Interior 2024 honda prologue

2024 honda prologue, rumors circulating that the honda has a room that is quite right and not too wide with the size and capacity of passenger passengers for 4 adults considering that the honda is in the form of sports, the size of the front legroom and rear legroom is 38.4 inches and 37 inches respectively. The .3 inches makes it easy to get your feet into the car, while the front and rear headroom measures 39.5 inches and 37.5 inches, respectively, making for easy forward viewing.

From the seats upholstered in black fabric, the luxurious ivory leather steering wheel, as well as the red seat stitching on the front, display a luxurious perspective in its class. Honda Prologue is also equipped with pretty cool infotainment, equipped with a cooling and heating engine, a starter lock, an automatic windshield button, a driver control button, and a tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel have the addition of heated seats in cold weather. In terms of safety, the Honda Prologue is equipped with a front-view mirror camera and recognition of traffic signs as well as a pedestrian sensor system.

Honda Prologue performance and engine

2024 Honda Prologue
2024 Honda Prologue

The performance and engine of the 2024 honda prologue are similar to the performance and engine of the Honda Fit, with the engine part using a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters. with an estimated power of 129 to 131 horsepower, it is not yet known how many trims or models for the Honda Prologue itself, therefore the speed and weight variant of the Honda Prologue cannot be ascertained.

The transmission used seems to be a 4-gear manual transmission system or an automatic CVT, not yet certain. for propulsion 2024 honda prologue most likely uses only front-wheel drive, considering the 2024 honda prologue is a sports car, not an off-road car, this car continues to drive on slippery roads. by producing a speed of 8.3 seconds equivalent to 0-60 mph, making the Honda Prologue very fast on the road, only slightly different from its younger brother Honda Fit.

Price and Release 2024 honda prologue

It has not been determined how many Honda Fit will be sold to the US market, considering that this car has only just released a prototype. For what trims are registered by the manufacturer, it is also unknown, hopefully, the price will be like the Honda Fit price, although it will be high, maybe only slightly from the price. honda fit with the highest trim honda fit the Honda Honda Fit EX-L is priced at $20,620, not including shipping and handling costs for an additional $955.

It is not known when and where the first 2024 Honda Prologue will be released, but we have high hopes that this car will soon be released in the US market, considering that the competition in the US market is very high and the selling value has skyrocketed for this car. will be produced in Japan because the Japanese manufacturer itself has had this car for a long time. I hope the rumors that are circulating will come true soon.

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