2024 Toyota Prado Specifications, Review And Release

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2024 Toyota Prado, Carry Specifications

2024 Toyota Prado – The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, commonly called the Toyota Prado, is being hotly discussed among the SUV car lovers with rumors that there will be a Prado generation in the future, maybe next season the 2024 Toyota Prado will be introduced with a design that is quite luxurious and very comfortable for traveling. with my beloved family.

Specifications and design details are highly considered by the Toyota manufacturer, considering that this car will penetrate the US market, it will be a separate choice for Toyota Prado users. This car will be marketed at an estimated price of $56,174, but it could be higher or cheaper when the new 2024 Toyota Prado releases.

Toyota is a car brand that is one of the most selling cars in the world. As for Toyota car brands, among others, the Toyota MPV specimen has Avanza, SUV with its flagship Fortuner, and Calya. Of course, there are many more car lineups from the Toyota brand which will be very long if it is poured here, but Toyota lovers must be observant to see what type is right for the user .

For Toyota Prado does have a fairly expensive price, how does it work and what features does the Prado have? If you look at how much you have to pay for a prado, this suv-style specimen is indeed quite luxurious in its class.

Exterior 2024 Toyota Prado

2024 Toyota Prado eksterior
2024 Toyota Prado eksterior

As an SUV-style car, of course, this Land Cruiser Prado can fight on rough terrain. With large dimensions and high ground clearance, a sense of comfort has certainly been provided in this super luxurious New 2024 Toyota Prado car. Please also note that the Land Cruiser Prado has/uses 18-inch alloy wheels. Can you imagine how tall it is?

If you look at the design itself, the Land Cruiser Prado car looks luxurious with a classic touch style, it is very suitable to be brought to family gathering places. Not many color choices are provided for this Toyota Prado car, with only a few colors such as metallic glossy gray, metallic glossy black, pearl shiny snow, and metallic shiny silver.

The 2024 Toyota Prado has similarities to the 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser which both use 18.0-inch alloy wheels and also use standard features such as LED headlights with a fog barrier system, chrome here and there, and the rooftop power button with the Yakima Megawarrior model.

As for the length of the Prado 194.7 inches, the wheel distance 112.0 inches, the height of the car is 73.0 inches, with a maximum width of 77.0 inches and the Prado front width and rear width are 63.9 inches and 63.7 inches respectively. inch.

Performance 2024 Toyota Prado

2024 Toyota Prado engine
2024 Toyota Prado engine

As a Toyota car with an SUV style, of course, this Land Cruiser uses a large engine with proud performance. This is certainly very useful for fighting in muddy zones and even rough road terrain because the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado uses a 4WD system with front and rear-wheel drive working at the same time.

Under the hood, Toyota uses a diesel engine with a capacity of 2.8 liters with a turbo. From this engine, the Land Cruiser Prado is capable of producing power of 130 kW at 3400 rpm with a torque of 450 Nm at 1600-2400 rpm.

mileage with test results obtained by the EPA with the results of 13/17/15 mpg city/highway/combined. with fuel in a 24.7-gallon tank can cover a distance of 346 miles.

Interiors 2024 Toyota Prado

His name is also a luxury car, surely the contents of the interior are everyone’s dream. Not only does it present a comfortable seat, but of course also features advanced technology. For entertainment, the Land Cruiser Prado is equipped with 14 speakers and a DVD player on the back.

The dashboard is also equipped with an 8-inch touch screen, the dashboard itself is also designed with a classic style to feel.The interior side of this Land Cruiser is not only that, it is still inserted with several other features, such as three-zone climate control, reverse camera, keyless, heated and cooled front seats, satellite navigation, automatic lights, and wipers, LED lights, and leather seats.

2024 Toyota Prado interior
2024 Toyota Prado interior

It is also equipped with an electric sunroof, power jack, rear wiper, air suspension, and the addition of wood trim on some sides. As a large SUV, the Land Cruiser Prado can accommodate 7 adults. It will feel comfortable and not too crowded. It is more comfortable because the middle seat can be adjusted back and forth so that the back seat can get enough space for comfort.

This luxury car from Toyota also has ventilation everywhere, so that the Land Cruiser Prado car cabin can quickly heat or cool according to the wishes of the driver and passengers. For practicality, each row has a console that is useful for storing drinks.

Price and Release 2024 Toyota Prado

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado has several variant models offered in the market as well as a predetermined price for each variant model of the Toyota Prado with their respective models and prices, for the Land Cruiser Prado GX model sold at $58,984, the Land Cruiser model The Prado GXL is priced at $65,914, the Land Cruiser Prado VX model is around $80,477, while the Land Cruiser Prado Kakadu is priced at $91,607.

From what we can see, the Kakadu is the tallest specimen model in the Toyota Prado class. for the record, these prices do not include handling fees and shipping costs as well as tax and licensing arrangements with additional prices billed by Toyota for $1,367. For the release of this car, we can not determine what will most likely be released in the next season, according to rumors circulating.

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