Toyota Highlander 2024 redesign

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Toyota Highlander 2024 redesign

Toyota Highlander 2024 – There are also many out there who want to compete with well-known cars like one of these cars, maybe you already know how good it is from the quality of the engine samples contained in the car,

2024 toyota highlander redesign
2024 toyota highlander redesign

Toyota Highlander There are still many who will know about the changes from this car which has been updated and is very special, maybe as for this car and this well-known car is also very able to make this car the best-selling.

Toyota Highlander 2024 Exterior

2024 toyota highlander

The car on the outside is very good with shiny colors and there are still other color combinations as well as a car that is usually known to be very calm this time he issued very bold colors, and the shape of this car is also very attractive and cute. very large,

The size of this car is about 193.9 inches long and will be longer than 198.4 inches in the XSE trim model. And the whole model can be called a wheelbase which has a size of 113.2 inches and is also 78 inches wide and another one that has a height of 69.1 inches.

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and the car at the back which has a shape that protrudes forward is very good because it is decorated with small lights on the right and left which have a bouncing light style, and the brightness is extraordinary, as for the front also has a shape that is quite protruding forward

a bit thin, as for the lights that adorn this part of the car that emits a rather large size of the lamp and also the light, and as for the car that has a glass that is strong enough you can only see it from the outside because you can try it yourself how good the glass has owned this car.

Toyota Highlander 2024 Interiors

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Once you know the exterior is very good then you want to get into this car and of course, you really want to get into a car that is made really very good with the front first having a very soft and soft seat, which has a very wide size, on the front of this car there is also a small television that serves to entertain you when you are on vacation out of town

2019 toyota highlander vs 2021 toyota highlander
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The situation in this car also has a number of seats that have a size such as 44 inches of underfoot space at the front, 43 in front of legroom, and the last row is 27.7 inches, for the headroom also has a row value. from front to back 41.3 inches,39.2 inches, and the last 37.1 inches.

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and so that you don’t get bored in the car, as for the driver’s seat which is specially made from this car which is of more sophisticated and softer quality, and the back of this car is also neatly arranged in soft and soft seats, and in the headroom. it is also very large and wide because there are still soft materials on it.

Toyota Highlander 2024 Performance

2024 toyota highlander awd

As for the best engine for this car, it also produces the best quality as well as the engine material in this car that used to be but this is more sophisticated like it will emit a very soft sound and, and the speed of this car is also very good,

The engine that is neatly arranged in the front and bottom of the car has been made as good as possible, many can also compare the engine of this car like the engine this time which has in the 4.5 liter V6 model and also in the standard and automatically in the fastest part.

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This car also has its hydride facet which is 2.6 liters in electric assistance And it can also produce 296 hp at 6,601 rpm. And while in terms of torque, it is 364 Ib-ft it can also not be at 4,701 rpm.

Toyota Highlander 2024 Price

Maybe in the previous year, the price of this car gave a little standard value because the quality it provided was still lacking,

But now the price may have gone up from before, because the quality you get may not make you disappointed, maybe you will be happy because the quality is better than the value you will spend. That $50,960 doesn’t include other prices, such as the LE Trim, which has a figure value of $37,405.