Toyota rav4 2024 review, release date

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Where is Toyota rav4 Manufactured?

Toyota rav4 2024 – Competition Variants of SUV models are very fierce in the future, can the Toyota rav4 2024 compete in the US market?. the type of Toyota rav4 2024 is not much different from similar cars, the rav4 has a large body with more passenger loads in it, as well as large cargo space and decent mileage using a standard 4 cylinder engine, but in hybrid and plug types in hybrid has maximum capabilities in terms of engine performance.

Meanwhile, all types are equipped with a very varied and complete range of Toyota 2.0 safety features, although the Toyota rav4 2024 may have slight changes in the model, style in the hybrid type, there are additional variations in shape in the XL special edition hybrid type.

2024 Toyota rav4

In front, there are LED projector lamps with a special gas power model for driving during the day, the rav4 is also equipped with combat tools such as a driving distance system for safety, TRD is far from smooth roads, and has anti-skid tires. from a lover’s question, is the Toyota rav4 4wd? Of course yes, because the Toyota rav4 2024 type is an SUV model car that works far from smooth roads.

Is the exterior of the Toyota rav4 2024 the same as the Toyota rav4 2023?

Toyota rav4 2024 eksterior

Toyota rav4 2024, In terms of the general size of all models, the length of the rav4 is 180.9 inches, the distance from one wheel to another is 105.9 inches, the height of the rav4 car is 67.0 inches, the maximum width is 73.0 inches, the width is 67.0 inches. the front of the Toyota rav4 2024 is 63.0 inches.

while the rear width is slightly wider at 63.7 inches, for the overall weight of the Toyota rav4 2024 is heavier than the general car at 3,370.0 lbs. Toyota rav4 2020, Toyota rav4 2021, Toyota rav4 2022, Toyota rav4 2023, and Toyota rav4 2024 are not much different in this regard, only slight changes.

For the color itself, the Toyota rav4 2024 will most likely vary widely because we look in the mirror at the design of the Toyota rav4 2023 car, the colors are varied and the many choices that users will choose are very impressive.

with a choice of colors namely, great white, shiny silver clouds, navy blue, ice cube edge, faded blue, fire blue, shiny monkey gray, moonstone, ice blue, shiny black night, reddish ruby, snow, and many more other colors that are very, very many choices for users.

Toyota rav4 2024 interior

Toyota rav4 2024 interior

With a soft and elegant touch, the interior design of the Toyota rav4 2024 has entered its peak of glory were almost all rav4s from year to year have had many significant changes. Inside the car, there is a large and spacious cabin with a design that chooses a hard and good plastic material that is durable for a long time.

suitable for car models that carry passengers, there are many comfortable and safe rooms for passengers, there are many safety features as well as entertainment features that line up between the drivers. For transportation capacity, the Toyota rav4 2024 has 5 seats, with 41.0 inches of front legroom, 39.5 inches of front headroom, 37.8 inches of rear legroom, and 39.5 inches of rear headroom. comfortable.

Rav4 Performa Performance

In all types, the rav4 has the same engine with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 203 horsepower and 184 lb-ft, paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The power is used to drive the front wheels on the LE, XLE, XLE Premium, and Limited variants, while Adventure and TRD Off-Road are equipped with 4WD.

for mileage, it has an estimated EPS of 28/35/30 mpg, and even then using 4WD, for the TRD Offroad type it has an estimate of 25/32/28 mpg. Hybrid models such as the LE, XLE, and Limited have a fairly good mileage estimate from their friends with 41/38/40 mpg results. Overall the type of rav4 car uses gasoline with a tank volume of 14.5 gallons.

Release Date and Price of Rav4

Toyota rav4 2024 release

The price of the rav4 is indeed not affordable in most people’s lines, but it is not too expensive and where is the Toyota rav4 produced? And does the Toyota rav4 come in 6 cylinders?. it’s a Toyota rav4 4wd, in the previous review it was 8 cylinders. produced in the US market by the Toyota manufacturer with a price range of up to $ 26,050 for the LE car type with gas fuel, for the price of $ 27,345, $30,500, and $ 34,580 owned by the XLE, XL Premium edition, and Limited edition car types.

to customize all types of cars there is an additional fee of $ 1,400 or $ 2,450 for a powered hybrid. while the type XLE Hybrid does not use gasoline, has a price of $ 34,450, the type of TRD Offroad has a price ranging from $ 33,155 to $ 35,780, the price does not include shipping costs, taxes, and licenses.